african dinner

The daily ingestion is important for every human being and part of our life. Theme of this installation is "African Dinner" a commonly laid table, ready for a meal.
Depending on economy and cultural conditions of a society, daily meals take place in different ways. Where people are grateful to have something to eat, the way to eat or the sort of food is not important. But, with the increasing cultural development and a more important gastronomy culture, the way you take part at a meal and the quality of the meal itself develops. The higher development of a dining culture causes a higher requirement of resources and goods, to ensure the quality of food. Since a long time, we can´t ensure quality by our own resource capacity. Currently the old system of colonization seems to happen again on the African continent, the industrialized countries satisfy their needed amount of resources. They buy land and make contracts, not looking on the needs of the countries population or the needs of nature greed and striving for power lead to further problems and wars. What is left is an exploited continent, a suffering population and a flood of fleeing people, trying to survive under inhuman conditions.

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